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I went to Vagator Hill Top the first time with my closest friends. We have been together since eighteen years only to be parted due to our choice of careers and thus the cities we reside in. Last year we took a little trip to Goa to be with each other. Little did I know, this magnificent place would be a mere forty-five minutes from my home a year down the line. There are beautiful places packed with people and then there are those which resonate purity and solitude. I have always been attracted to the latter. When a setting sun dissipated a million streaks of shimmering yellow light on countless waves, I knew I had to bring every loved one to this place.

It was the windiest rainy day when I visited this place again. Truly rejoicing in the fact that even though the shoot did not go as per plan there were some workable shots. In a comfy rosette sweatshirt and my trusty skort, I braved the wind. Braver behind a dramatic veil which showed more than it concealed. It was one of those perfect days. Untouched and pure. A kind of solitude.

– Rhea

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