21 January 2014

She’s Like Heroin


I have tried to write and re-write today’s post a couple of times and my thoughts seems rather vague to eloquently transfer all that is going on inside my head onto my fingertips. I am trying to think up ideas about fashion, clothes and life in general which I could pen down but all I can muster are many random thoughts which don’t really make a point or put forth a strong idea. But instead of shoving a wise quote (which I have ended up doing, *apologizes in advance*) or random list of things I am fancying at the moment, I will simply share a few random excerpts from my head. It rained in the morning which is unusual at this time of the year in a place like Mumbai and instead of being my usual rain-hating-self I rather enjoyed the change. My mind somehow keeps racing back to this quote I pinned a few days back, “When you find good people, keep them close” and I have ever since been fascinated by the idea of being a ‘people’ collector. I also read some great interviews on Harpers Bazaar yesterday and the most inspiring thing I read was, ‘Know what you want and work harder than everyone else to get it.’ Simple yet brilliant!

6 103 7 114 8 91 2Necklace – No Strings Attached
Jacket – Globus (Old)
White Dress – Gifted
Black Stockings – Le Bijou
Boots – Forever 21
Clutch – Choies.com
Sunglasses – Thrifted

On my Lips – Maybelline ColorSensational Lip Colour 925 Burgundy
On my Nails – Lamke Absolute Gel Stylist Electric Orange

Clutch also worn HERE

I am wearing this embroidered jacket after a really long time. Finally the weather is cold enough for me to wear it. I styled the jacket with a simple white dress and some black accessories while adding color to the look with this gorgeous necklace and a bright lip color.




  1. Neha:

    Loved the necklace!!

  2. Teodora:

    Great photos! Love the jacket.


    • Rhea:

      Thank you Teodora!

  3. Doug Stewart:

    Looking Gourgeous Rhea HUGS KISSES

    • Rhea:

      Thank you Doug!

  4. Esther:

    obsessed with your jacket! Want to follow each other on GFC, Bloglovin and Twitter? If you do, let me know when you’re following and I’ll follow right back! x




    • Rhea:

      Thank you Esther!

  5. Jessica:

    Love this look, perfect!!!!!!!!!

    The Fashion Heels

    • Rhea:

      Thank you Jessica! :)

  6. Hazel:

    Love the lace jacket! I also love how you paired it with the boots. Great look.


    • Rhea:

      Thank you Hazel!

  7. Jill:

    This outfit looks like something straight out of a fairytale, and I like the fact that you add a story with it!

    x. jill
    beck daily

    • Rhea:

      Thank you so much Jill! :)

  8. Rasz:

    you look perfect in these aviators <3

    • Rhea:

      Thank you Rasz! :)

  9. TheEighties:

    I agree she is really looking like a heroine i like it.

    • Rhea:

      Haha thank you!

  10. Carmen:

    I love the jacket :) you look amazing! xx


    • Rhea:

      Thank you Carmen! :)

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