20 January 2014



I have noticed that I sometimes stop myself from trying something which I always wished to do/try. Such a decision is always backed by convenient excuses, lack of time or the oft used ‘I won’t be good at it/it won’t suit me’ charade. After convincing myself with all of the the above reasoning and being satisfied with my decision of not doing/trying so-and-so activity/object, a little voice inside me continues to tell me to go ahead with the very thing I spent so much time convincing myself to not do. The audacity of that little voice! Anyway, I thought to myself rather than having teeny, creepy, voices inside my head, I might as well give the damn thing a shot. Who cares if I am not good at it? Who cares if I don’t look good in it? Who cares if I fail miserably at it? If nothing else, at least, the annoying voice would have shut up. Thus, I made the gutsy decision to tie my hair in a high ponytail (yes, I am extremely bad at it and find it rather difficult), start sketching, painting and drawing again and when there is an opportunity to sing and dance, sing my heart out and dance my butt off. Probably deep down, I respect that little voice. I think it has my best interest at heart.

5 7 113 6913 1484Sunglasses – Romwe.com (Old)
Cropped Pants – Sheinside.com (Shop Similar)
Top | Heels – Thrifted
Denim Jacket – Sheinside (Shop)
Neon Necklace – Youshine.in (Old)

On my Eyes – Maybelline Diamond Glow by Eye Studio 01 Copper Brown
Maybelline Colossal Kajal
Oriflame HyperStretch Mascara
On my Lips - Maybelline Super Stay lip color 430 ‘Stay with me Coral
Lakme Absolute Plump and Shine Gloss Berry Shine
On my Nails - Lakme Absolute Gel Stylist Electric Orange

Denim Jacket also worn HERE

So, it seems like I wore heels to the beach. It wasn’t really my intention, we planned to shoot this look at another spot but due to it’s unavailability and the unpredictable circumstances which arise when shooting outdoors, we thought of switching it up to the beach. Well, walking in block heels on sand is actually not as difficult as I had expected it to be, but I would definitely not recommend the same to anybody. The best part of the day was when I gave the heels a miss and took a long stroll in the cool water with my dearest. Feel so lucky to be so close to the ocean.




  1. Neha:

    Cute U look in the ponytail !! U always wore one before when U had long hair …

    • Rhea:

      Thank you! Hehe, yes! But mum used to tie it for me then. :)

  2. Min:

    I love the photos, you look gorgeous! There is nothing that people are scared of more than a change, because it brings uncertainty, people are risk averse by nature, with maybe a few exceptions… I love your blog. Have a lovely day!

    • Rhea:

      Thank you Min! I agree completely. But risks are important at times and so is pushing yourself, no? :)

  3. The Maiddiction:

    beautiful pics! nice shoes and you look so pretty. I invite you to visit my blog, NEW POST in



    • Rhea:

      Thank you so much!

  4. isabel:

    love your blog!!




    • Rhea:

      Thank you Isabel! :)

  5. Adeola Naomi Aderemi:

    Gorgeous look!

    • Rhea:

      Thank you Adeola!

  6. Hélène:

    Dude, you’re so lucky to live by the ocean. And you look stunning. You’re totally right: most often times, we can only blame ourselves for holding back. Fear is a bitch, but once you conquer it, you feel invincible.

    xx Hélène

    • Rhea:

      I am! :) Thank you! Absuloutely true!

  7. Guy Overboard:

    Amazing sunglasses!

  8. Jelisaveta Djukanovic:

    Beautiful photos, outfit! I like your posts! :)

    My Fashion Jar

    • Rhea:

      Thank you so much!

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