18 January 2014

7:00 AM


Hello pretty people!

I have been missing in action for the past two days as I was working on this new post. This is a small film we created to feature my winged eyeliner which everybody seems to love but rather than making a usual tutorial I thought of trying my hand at something slightly abstract bordering towards slightly dark (very slight). I hope you enjoy it!



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  1. Anushi:

    Music. Killing it Prateek! Loved the montage! How nicely shot! Rhea: You’re gorgeous as ever. I need not say more. I love you guys! :*

    • Rhea:

      Eeee. Thank you Pooshy Pie! ^_^

  2. Tanvi:

    Looking gorgeous Rhea! Love the music. Good stuff!

    • Rhea:

      Thank you so much Tanvi! ^_^

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